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Life is like a fairy tale
Just hold onto its sail
Steer your life as a ship
Adoring the artistic trip

Never be rattled
By the storm
Face the battle
And you will transform

Flaunt your smile
As you walk the aisle
Hearts are won
In barely a defile


आंखों की नमी और माथे की सलवटें,

आईना है तेरी शख्सियत का,पैमाना है तेरी काबिलियत का।

(The moisture of your eyes and the crease on your forehead is

the mirror of your personality and the measure of your skills.)


Vulnerability can be one’s strength. It reflects the capability of being wounded or hurt but you also gain strength by enduring sufficient pain and when its full to the brim, you decide enough is enough. Ability is embedded in the word vulner’ability’, so basically it is your ability to deal with the hardship in your own unique way.

The origin of vulnerability and vulnerary comes from the same Latin word vulner-vulnus. Vulnerary is something which is used to heal wounds. So going by the origin, being vulnerable is the ‘ability’ to guard your fort against all evils and cure yourself from all the diseases that plague you.

So be vulnerable, be strong.


What exactly is regret?  Have you ever pondered about a life without any regrets?

I believe having a desire for something and not getting it gives birth to regret. When we look in hindsight, we feel that we have made some mistakes in life that causes misery, but the fact is something different. The decision which we are calling as an act of foolishness was a well-calculated decision taken at that instance of time which later turned out to be unfavorable. With time everything changes and so does our decision making capability. We evolve with every second.

Imagine what our lives would have been if some of the events did not occur as it happened in the past. We would have been an entirely different entity. Regrets are part and parcel of our life. So stop cringing about it as it has moulded us to who we are today.


Choice….such a small word but it has a huge impact on our lives.

There is a beautiful line in the novel “If I Stay” by Gayle Forman describing the artistry of choices. It goes as “Sometimes you make choices in life and sometimes choices make you.”  It simply shows the power contained in such a small word.

Choices define us, made us who we are today and will definitely determine who we become tomorrow.  Our choices are highly influenced by the surroundings and the options available to us. We hardly notice the change taking place in ourselves with every decision taken.

One very important aspect of making a choice is the consequence associated with it.  It takes a few moments to make a decision over the most critical issues, but the consequences have a long-lasting effect. It’s not the choices that we are afraid of; it’s the after effect that scares us. It is essential that we should boldly face the consequences once we have made a decision rather than sulking about it.

So tighten up your seat belts, stay motivated and be prepared for anything and everything that is coming your way. You are going to rock the world.

An Undestined Traveler

A good traveler has no fixed plans, and is not intent on arriving. — Lao Tzu

Traveling is an integral part of each and every individual. We start the journey at the time of our birth and it continues until we “rest”. We generally don’t follow any fixed path in our early days. We break rules and construct our own way. Challenges are accepted without any fear of defeat. As we grow older, we are stuck to a specific path and are even afraid to wander around. Life becomes monotonous and challenges are overlooked or neglected. We cover ourselves in the skin of others just to please people around us. Fear starts to creep in.

Exploration is a necessity whether it is about exploring new ideas/opportunities or exploring new places. A stringent mindset leaves us nowhere. Show enough courage to travel the unknown territories. You never know what lies ahead. A quote from Ralph Waldo Emerson sums it up beautifully—

“Do not follow where the path may lead . Go instead where there is no path and leave the trail.”

An Undying Pain #1

Sometimes it is difficult to express what it feels when you are deeply hurt. It’s better to be silent and let your words do the talking. This poetry does it for me.

—An undying pain—

I so longed

to be with you.

You made me feel

as no one do.

I still am lost

with no ray of hope.

The undying pain is

difficult to cope.

You provided me

the strength to fight,

without you

life’s an endless night.

Each passing day

makes me realize,

You have gone too far

and left me demoralized.


—Ritu Raj