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Nature’s Miracles

Sometimes I wonder about the power of nature which can make everyone dreamy and imaginative. Just a glance through the louvred window and you are lost in the surroundings. Gazing the clouds in daytime or the starry nights amazes me beyond imagination. The creation of nature, the animals, birds, forests, mountains, mesmerizes me to the core and makes me realize how insignificant we are in-front of mother nature.



Pic: Somewhere in the Himalayas

Pic: The home of Royal Bengal Tigers: Sunderbans

Pic: A weaver bird in my home

Pic: The mighty Indian Ocean

Nature has so much to offer to us but are we really worthy of it. An important question to be pondered upon.

PS: All the pictures were clicked by me.


This is a poem about the journey through PhD. The different phases that one has to pass through before he/she can graduate. Its just for fun.


With hope of grandeur feat

And expectations that no one can meet

Celebrating the moment with a tweet

A journey began to become an elite

Unknown about the misery and pain

With a smile, I boarded the train

Who knows how long the smile will last

The time sped away really fast


Before I could realize

I began to criticize

What is PhD?

Is it Permanent head Damage

Or is it Please hire, Desperate

Even our Parents have Doubts

And there is nothing to be sure about.


Every day is the same story

Yet nowhere close to glory

Giving a seminar

is like waging a war

Covered with verbal scars

I finally entered the bar

Hailing abuses all over

Decides to become a drover.


Slowly drowning in alcohol

And putting an end to the brawl

Receding back to my dungeon

I fall like a martyr

Only to realize

The war is not yet over

A new ray awaits at the dawn

Go catch it, before it’s gone

You are born to fight

Don’t be afraid, you’re the knight.


Disclaimer – All the situations in this work are an act of fiction. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental. 😛 😛