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An Untitled Poem

Another dedication to one of my friend. I was very confused about the title for this piece so I named it as “An Untitled Poem”. If you have any suggestion or idea regarding the same, do mention in the comment section.

—-An Untitled Poem—-

Why did we ever meet?
When we didn’t find time to greet.
Now time has come to bid adieu
and what a magnificent moment to do.

It’s your birthday
and all friends are here
to remind, how special you are
by showering love and care.

A moment to cherish
and a memory for lifetime
relish the aroma of friendship
when we are in our prime.

Attain the pinnacle of life
our wishes are with you.
You are gonna rock the world
just keep walking through.

Hope we meet someday again
where our milieu are same
savour the day till then
and keep alive your burning flame.


—Ritu Raj

The Untamed

This poem is a dedication to one of my friend who is quite close to my heart. Today is his birthday, so I decided to write few lines describing his personality. Hope it makes sense…

—The Untamed—

I met a boy in his teen,
craziness dwells in his gene.
Full of passion and zeal,
with the strength of steel.

He was born to fly,
to smell the taste
and feel the sky.
Controlled by,
the lust of mountains
which he can’t defy.

Wild and untamed
adventure is just his game.
Crazy were his deeds
challenges are  his only needs.

Subtle and calm by essence
soothing is his presence.
He is all ears to you
such a kind, is very few.
Treasure him in your heart,
even if destiny tear us apart.

—Ritu Raj