A Century Ride

It has been quite some time that I wasn’t involved in any adventure activity, the last one being a cycle trip of 80 kms on New Year eve. So, this time decided to complete the century mark.  A group of five people including me decided to travel from Kharagpur a small city in the Indian state of West Bengal to a nearby beach, Digha, which is approximately 110 kms from the starting place. The awesome group in picture:


We started early in the morning to avoid the heat as much as possible. The day temperature rises up-to 35-40 0C and becomes way to0 exhausting. Our temperament was way too high for the scorching sun to cause any trouble, but there was something else planned for us, especially me. After traveling for around 60 Kms, my cycle had a failure and to add to the misery, I neither had a phone nor money. Even the support vehicle and my fellow mates were ahead of me. For my relief one of my friend was with me, but he also didn’t have a phone as well as money. Finally, we carried each other with the help of a single cycle and tried to convey a message to our friends who were ahead of us with the help of a passer by. To our fortune one elderly man delivered our message and the support vehicle came to our rescue.

It was a hell of a ride driving on the highway through the villages and fields. The onlookers were so amazed to see us that they kept asking us a lot of questions. The younger kids were so excited to see us. They kept waving their hands with astonishment. The feelings that I went through all along the journey made my day and the accomplishment lifted my spirits.

Will be going for another hell lot of an experience pretty soon. Till then enjoy the pictures of our amazing journey.

Ritu Raj



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