Alone in the Dark

What is darkness? Is it the absence of light or is it something else?

A boy was once fascinated by the forest. So he decided to venture into it, but he failed to find any company. Finally, he gathered all his courage and took his first step into the forest. He kept wandering around, mesmerized by the surroundings. After a while he was tired and wanted to return, but to his dismay, he had lost his way. It started getting dark and he was all alone. He was scared and all sorts of creepy thoughts were coming to his mind. Now he has two choices with him either succumb to the darkness or search for eternal sunshine. He can fall prey to his circumstances or find a way out.

So what will happen to the boy now?

It’s upto that boy (individual) to choose from the available options. His choice will determine the consequences, he will face. He (a person) cannot manipulate the consequences and will have to deal with it.

We all are similar to the boy who is lost in the forest. We face different forms of darkness; some succumb to it while some comes out victorious. We make choices but are not prepared for its consequences. We fight our battle alone and it’s important that we fight with valor and do not surrender to our circumstances. Life is all about the fight we put up against all odds.

Sometimes we are too scared of the darkness that we forget to move forward. It’s absolutely fine; stop, look around, admire the beauty of darkness, but remember, to walk again. Darkness is a phase which allows us to appreciate the significance of light. So, keep fighting your demons until you succeed.

Don’t be scared to walk alone. Sometimes you have to be lost to find yourself again.


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      1. Hi , I am testing a new writing style for my blog so I am having many opinions and I am having opinions and I am not sure how to improve it so I kinda need some advice for that so do you mind looking that out for me.


  1. “It’s absolutely fine; stop, look around, admire the beauty of darkness, but remember, to walk again”
    I really like this line, seriously your all blog very gud….finally I found something gud to read..

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