My Dear Angel

A sweet little angel knocked my door,

I got thrilled to my heart’s core.

I ran towards her with arms too wide,

A glimpse of her and I almost died.

Eyes glittering in the moon light,

My stars, definitely getting bright.

Her bewitching smile seized my breath,

I lost my ground and fell on my head.

She conquered me and ruled my heart,

made me sin and tore me apart.

Tears are hidden behind the smiling face,

Lost my way catching up her pace.

I look for thee in every face I see,

You will stay forever in me.

An Unbroken Bond

An unbroken bond

I still feel your presence

hovering around me,

It makes me frail,

and full of glee.

Drenched in your fragrance,

Lost in your eyes,

In your presence

time flies.

Our encounter was

decided by fate,

Neither do I love

nor do I hate.

Your thoughts still

crowd my life,

making me ponder-

Do I ever cross your mind?

Did I ever mean anything to you?

Or is it too late?

but I will still wait…!!


—Ritu Raj



An Undying Pain #2

—An undying pain—

Every day I feel trapped

with your thoughts over me,

making me lose myself

sans the presence of thee.

Lost in memories

tears roll down the cheek,

full of agony

I am too bleak.

Hold me tight

I’m on a  slope,

the undying pain is

difficult to cope.

Your dreams drown me

to such an extent,

my heart finds it

difficult to relent.

That bewitching smile

commanded my heart,

I ache for you

please don’t depart.


—Ritu Raj


An Undying Pain #1

Sometimes it is difficult to express what it feels when you are deeply hurt. It’s better to be silent and let your words do the talking. This poetry does it for me.

—An undying pain—

I so longed

to be with you.

You made me feel

as no one do.

I still am lost

with no ray of hope.

The undying pain is

difficult to cope.

You provided me

the strength to fight,

without you

life’s an endless night.

Each passing day

makes me realize,

You have gone too far

and left me demoralized.


—Ritu Raj


A Century Ride

It has been quite some time that I wasn’t involved in any adventure activity, the last one being a cycle trip of 80 kms on New Year eve. So, this time decided to complete the century mark.  A group of five people including me decided to travel from Kharagpur a small city in the Indian state of West Bengal to a nearby beach, Digha, which is approximately 110 kms from the starting place. The awesome group in picture:


We started early in the morning to avoid the heat as much as possible. The day temperature rises up-to 35-40 0C and becomes way to0 exhausting. Our temperament was way too high for the scorching sun to cause any trouble, but there was something else planned for us, especially me. After traveling for around 60 Kms, my cycle had a failure and to add to the misery, I neither had a phone nor money. Even the support vehicle and my fellow mates were ahead of me. For my relief one of my friend was with me, but he also didn’t have a phone as well as money. Finally, we carried each other with the help of a single cycle and tried to convey a message to our friends who were ahead of us with the help of a passer by. To our fortune one elderly man delivered our message and the support vehicle came to our rescue.

It was a hell of a ride driving on the highway through the villages and fields. The onlookers were so amazed to see us that they kept asking us a lot of questions. The younger kids were so excited to see us. They kept waving their hands with astonishment. The feelings that I went through all along the journey made my day and the accomplishment lifted my spirits.

Will be going for another hell lot of an experience pretty soon. Till then enjoy the pictures of our amazing journey.

Ritu Raj


Alone in the Dark

What is darkness? Is it the absence of light or is it something else?

A boy was once fascinated by the forest. So he decided to venture into it, but he failed to find any company. Finally, he gathered all his courage and took his first step into the forest. He kept wandering around, mesmerized by the surroundings. After a while he was tired and wanted to return, but to his dismay, he had lost his way. It started getting dark and he was all alone. He was scared and all sorts of creepy thoughts were coming to his mind. Now he has two choices with him either succumb to the darkness or search for eternal sunshine. He can fall prey to his circumstances or find a way out.

So what will happen to the boy now?

It’s upto that boy (individual) to choose from the available options. His choice will determine the consequences, he will face. He (a person) cannot manipulate the consequences and will have to deal with it.

We all are similar to the boy who is lost in the forest. We face different forms of darkness; some succumb to it while some comes out victorious. We make choices but are not prepared for its consequences. We fight our battle alone and it’s important that we fight with valor and do not surrender to our circumstances. Life is all about the fight we put up against all odds.

Sometimes we are too scared of the darkness that we forget to move forward. It’s absolutely fine; stop, look around, admire the beauty of darkness, but remember, to walk again. Darkness is a phase which allows us to appreciate the significance of light. So, keep fighting your demons until you succeed.

Don’t be scared to walk alone. Sometimes you have to be lost to find yourself again.

The Idea of LIFE

Life starts at Birth and ends at Death. The journey from birth to death describes our life. It’s our Choices that determine the quality of life we are going to live. Choices matter a lot; they define us, describe us and forge us. We should be extra careful while making our choices. Now  the question arises, What to choose? and How to choose? For this I would like to quote Winston Churchill – “We make a living by what we get; We make a life by what we give.” It’s very important to be compassionate and to build healthy relationships. We crave for love and support all through our life. So by being helpful and showing empathy towards others will ensure a fulfilling life.

I guess, most of us do love ice-cream, but have you ever thought what does it symbolizes? The ideology behind ice-cream is to enjoy life before it melts. Probably we all do that; we enjoy our life to the fullest. Now focus your attention towards the candle. What does it represent? The ideology behind the candle is to give light to others before it melts. Now this is interesting. How many of us are candles or want to become one? It’s demanding to be a candle, but we can definitely give it a try. Being selfless is one of the finest traits a person can have. Selfless people do exist and form the pillars of our society. So basically, our life should be a transition from being an ice-cream to a candle.

Life’s not about the steps you have taken, but the footprints you have left behind.

Do share your idea of life. I would love to hear your thoughts.