The Hospital Bed

Life is so uncertain. You never know what it has in store for you. Some days you are so filled with energy, enjoying life to the fullest while on some days you are left on the mercy of others. In one moment you feel on the top of the world and in the next you feel you don’t even exist. Life is so full of uncertainties¬† and expecting things to happen on its own reveals one’s foolish attitude. People realize the importance of life once an adversity affects them. Sitting on the hospital bed makes you realize the utmost importance of being fit. You can’t do anything except watching your wired body and counting the droplets entering into it. There is no one to give you company except a few close ones who pay visit for sometime. The hospital bed has seen so many stories that even a book won’t be able to accommodate it. It’s one of the most depressing place to be in. All sorts of creepy thoughts enter your mind making you more vulnerable. It’s a phase most people don’t want to but have to pass through. As this phase passes by, a new ray of light welcomes you. It’s like the first ray of sunlight which makes you understand the importance of the day ahead. It gives you hope; it makes you believe to have faith in HIM and fight for the cause.

“Uncertainties are bewildering but it adds spice to life.”


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  1. I really appreciate how you are putting in words all experiences and feelings that you are going through in your life……

    Considering that you have talked of uncertainties in life,in the above piece of writing I would suggest you to go through a nice short story “Love Love Love Alone” by Nobel Laureate V.S.Naipaul,if,in case u haven’t read it……
    It is a nice short story that speaks of how unpredictable and wild LIFE can be,how the course of human actions and human decisions can never be bounded or calculated or predicted and how there is no rule by which human emotions work…..

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