Faith or Reason?

Do you believe in GOD? If the answer is yes, can you have blind faith in HIM? Did you ever try to find the reason behind the events happening in your life? It will be quite interesting to know why a particular event takes place. Personally in my opinion, I believe everything happens for a reason. The reason may be unknown creating chaos in one’s life. Searching for the reason is yet another daunting task. Sometimes it can even take several years, but once the veil is unmasked, things become pretty clear. I feel knowing the reasons behind the events occurring in one’s life can reduce stress levels and helps in analyzing the situation in a more mature way. Also, I feel that knowing the reasons helps you to understand the ways and patterns of God’s judgement. Sometimes it may happen that we are unable to figure out the reason and that’s where the turmoil starts, but we should trust and have faith in the almighty and leave it to HIM. He will take care of everything¬† and will ensure the welfare of humanity.

“Where reason fails with all her powers, there faith prevails, and love adores.”


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